About Team Sanders Inc.


I am William Sanders Sr., the Founder and President of Team Sanders Inc.  As a teacher, coach, and father, I have seen the benefits that athletics, academics, and community have on learning processes.  Through sports and community events, Team Sanders Inc., together with your help, will effect the youth's self-identity and soft skills that are necessary and essential for young people to become successful as young adults.  Through my travels, I have had the chance to experience and meet wonderful people who care about educating the future.  Team Sanders Inc. was created to bring together various resources with the main purpose of educating the youth.  With God's help, determination, positive support, and encouragement, we can change our community and our world, one play at a time.

William Sanders Sr.

Founder and President of Team Sanders Inc. (TSI) 

Our History

Team Sanders Inc. was founded by William Sanders Sr. and Kiisha Sanders in 2014.  William is a former Youngstown State University football player and a graduate student at Youngstown State.  Kiisha is a former Youngstown State University softball player and a graduate student at Grand Canyon University.  They understand the important role and influence of coaching, mentoring, and tutoring our children to grow to become successful adults.